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Fruit Puree's

We capture the best part of summer fruits and berries picked from as close as 10 miles from our doors. Our facility in Massachusetts historic West Bridgewater where we make the best fresh and aseptic fruit purees in the Northeast and while we love local produce we also source fruit from outside New England and around the world.

Some of the fruits we love:





Black Currant

Blood Orange










KARL'S Wood Grilled Pizza offers you ready access to a bountiful storehouse of the freshest, tastiest ingredients known to pizza. Easy to store and ready to use, KARL'S Pizza products can also be formula-blended for custom recipes and can be packaged for retail and foodservice.

KARL'S Wood Grilled Pizza

Key Ingredients 

   All Natural & Woodgrilled

     Whole Wheat

     Gluten Friendly*


New England Made

Marinara & Apple Sauce

            Because Local is Important

In 2014, FATBOY Foods in partnership with the Massachusetts Farm to School Project, Harvard University and Tufts University engaged in a pilot program to produce 1,000 gallons of delicious marinara sauce made with locally grown tomatoes. Based on the success of that first year’s project in 2015, FATBOY Foods, under the New England Made brand, produced 18,000 gallons of marinara, utilizing over 150,000 pounds of tomatoes. The tomatoes were grown largely on family farms in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts. Sources included producers from as far away as Bars Farm in Deerfield, but also as close as Wards Berry Farm in Sharon.  At Harvard and Tufts, the resulting sauce displaced two national (West Coast- and Midwest-based) brands. The New England Made Marinara Provided Harvard and Tufts with a superior marinara that is low in sodium, and free of sugar and high fructose corn syrup, and is all produced locally, in West Bridgewater, MA and distributed by Costa Fruit and Produce of Boston and Paul W. Marks Co. of Everett, MA.


The Sauce: Each university received a custom formulation developed over a series of meetings and tastings with its dining, culinary, and procurement staffs. Together we crafted two unique, custom sauces that were designed to appeal to each university’s dietary and nutritional needs. In the case of Harvard, we developed a rich, lightly seasoned marinara that can easily be used over the course of the year on a variety of dishes. Tufts University required a more seasoned sauce with light herbal notes and a slightly thicker mouth feel.

The Result: For the 2015/2016 academic year, each university has a healthy, locally sourced and produced custom tomato sauce that can be used on a wide variety of dishes.


Looking Ahead: FATBOY Foods, under the New England Made brand, is aiming to produce 36,000 gallons of sauce for the 2016 growing season and will utilize an estimated 300,000 pounds of locally grown tomatoes that will be produced in our AA-rated GFSI, HACCP, FDA, USDA facilities for schools, colleges, universities, institutions and CSAs across New England.



Made Locally, Crafted in Small batches, All Natural, Gluten Free, Shelf- Stable, 0 Trans Fat, 0 Cholesterol, Low in Sodium, and Very Delicious!


Boston Salsa Medium Mango Salsa is sweet combination of Chunky Mango and honey with just a zing of jalapeno that everyone can enjoy. Go Beyond the Chip: pairs great with salmon, chicken and pork!


Boston Salsa Hot Habanero Salsa is a spicy balance of peppers that will appeal to the more adventurous palate. Go Beyond the Chip: rocks on eggs!


Boston Salsa Wicked Mild Salsa is a perfect blend of sweet flavors with a tangy twist and tomato aroma to drive your senses wild. Go Beyond the Chip and bring life to any meal!




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