Ugly tomatoes produce marinara students will enjoy


By Ann Trieger Kurland, Boston Globe Correspondent – November 10, 2015


BROCKTON — Boxes of Massachusetts-grown tomatoes, blemished, bruised, and misshapen, sit in a chilly storage room at food processor Boston Fresh here. Most shoppers would likely deem them unappealing, though they’re perfectly safe to eat, with flesh that’s dense and sweet.


Seeds of expansion: Food entrepreneur turns Franklin County tomatoes into sauces for Harvard, Tufts


By RICHIE DAVIS, Recorder Staff – October 23, 2015


Plenty of tomatoes seemed to be still out on the vine when food entrepreneur Karl Dias was out in Franklin County picking up hot peppers for salsa he was selling to Tufts University last year, and it dawned on him he might be able to turn the tomatoes into a hot-selling item for college dining halls.


How Massachusetts' own FATBOY Foods feed Harvard and Tufts


By Rachel Greenberger – October 8, 2015


Plenty is made of food tech these days, as is the corresponding mass migration of tech entrepreneurs and investors into the food industry. But Boston local Karl Dias has a unique story. He is a relatively new food entrepreneur with a long career in software sales and marketing here in Massachusetts.


New tomato sauce sparks interest in locally grown Tufts Dining offerings


By Sophie Dasinger – October 28, 2015


120,000 Pounds of Local Tomatoes Make Beautiful Marinara at Harvard


October 1, 2015 - 1:15pm



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